About This Project


This photographic project is a journey, from north to south of Italy, which aims to suggest the role played by clubs within the social fabric.
The club as a meeting place gathers people together in a way that has a strong aggregating function that overcomes age and social class barriers. The images describe places and not people, to enhance the symbolic and/or allusive dimension of the different spaces.
The choice of the characteristics of the clubs is transversal both for typology and for geographical distribution. The clubs reflect the spirit of sharing a style, a work activity, a political or sporting passion at the heart of the membership, the base elements of associative life.

The aim of the project is to bear witness to the charm of the different places, sometimes unique: from the shape of the rooms to their furnishings, from the presence of iconic elements identifying the group to the passion behind the formation of the clubs themselves.
The representation of time is also an equally important aspect: the associative life of the membership has been shown by the presence of signs, sometimes apparently insignificant, that tell the story and the succession of generations.

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